About Our Eco Friendly, Reusable Bags

Tell me if you haven't heard of this before...

You get home after a long day’s work, you hit the kitchen, and you finally get the chance to cook that one recipe you had in mind for 2 weeks now. You ready your ingredients, which are packed in disposable Ziplocks, cook your meal, and call it a day. Only at the end do you realize that  you always need to throw these disposable plastics for something as simple as cooking.

It doesn’t have to always be this way; what if you can have a plastic bag that is sturdier? One which you can reuse all the time? One that can help you live an eco friendly lifestyle easy?

eco friendly, reusable stasher bags
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Exclusive Distributors in the Philippines

We are proud to announce that we are the official exclusive distributor of Stasher Bags in the Philippines! 

This means that you can be assured that our platinum silicone bags are assured for quality & its safety.

For every millionth Stasher Bag used...

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Single-use Plastic Bags saved
Tonnes of plastic saved
Tonnes of CO2 saved
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Free of Toxic Materials

Our eco friendly Stasher Bags have undergone rigorous testing for compliance in both the US & EU. Your mind can be at peace in knowing that each Stasher Bag you buy is free from toxic materials like:

Business with a purpose

Did you know that the Philippines is the 3rd leading plastic polluter in the world? We are on a mission to change that!

We have partnered with WWF Philippines: for every purchase you make, we give them a portion of our sales to help them on their mission to crafting solutions to climate change, providing sustainable livelihood programs, and conserving the country’s richest marine and land habitats.

WWF Philippines
I was really happy when I found out that there was a stasher distributor in Ph! For me, stasher made my sustainable lifestyle easier since I don’t have to rely on the plastic ziplocks or tupperwares anymore.
Sunshine Cervantes
Sunshine Cervantes

Buying a Stasher Bag is as easy as 1-2-3!

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