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Frequently Asked Questions


Stasher silicone bags can be heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit without leaching harmful chemicals into your food - they are free from any BPA, BPS, lead, latex or phthalates! Additionally, Stasher bags are intended to be endlessly reusable, replacing single-use plastic.

Yes. There are no fillers or toxic products in Stasher bags — no BPA, BPS, lead, latex, or phthalates.

Stasher bags are endlessly reusable. Seriously.

We’ve made Stasher bags as reusable as possible, but should you need to dispose of them our repurposing program will convert them into safe playground pebbles. Silicone is recyclable, but only at specific facilities. Click here to learn more about repurposing

Stasher is designed by our bright designers in California.

Stasher is a certified B-corp, which means that our company, our factory, and our suppliers must maintain good and responsible practices. We also visit our factory every year to make sure they maintain our high standards.

Here is a link to our patent page! Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions. 


Stasher bags are safe for use in the microwave, with a sous vide machine, a standard oven, or a pot of boiling water — up to 400F.

Stasher is freezer safe, but use caution carrying and storing liquids. It should be okay to fill the Stasher bag with liquid and place it upright in the freezer.

Sous vide is a popular slow cooking technique that seals in flavor and nutrients. And Stasher was born to sous vide.

Place your ingredients in Stasher, then seal the bag, leaving a 2-inch opening anywhere on the seal. Then slowly submerge your bag in water, the pressure of the water on the outside of the bag will push out any excess air and create a vacuum tight seal around your food. Once you have the bag almost fully submerged, pinch the seal completely closed to avoid any air coming in.

If you have a minute, watch this video: click here

The sandwich bag holds 15 fluid ounces and perfectly fits a sandwich, half a grapefruit, or two small chicken breasts.

The snack bag holds 9.9 fluid ounces and fits a halved avocado.

The half-gallon storage bag holds 64.2 fluid ounces and will fit two strip steaks or an entire bundle of asparagus. 

Yes, use the sandwich size. The clear window on every Stasher bag offers a TSA approved view of contents, making them appropriate to pass airport security with travel-size liquids.

Because we don’t use any toxic sealants for Stasher, the silicone can sometimes stain with certain foods. The best way to avoid this is to choose a bag color that corresponds with your food, e.g. a citrus Stasher for red spaghetti sauce. You can also reduce staining by immediately cleaning after use.


The best way we’ve found to safely remove stains:

  • Make a baking soda paste with vinegar or water
  • Apply to discolored container
  • Let sit for at least 20–30 mins
  • Rinse and wash the bag like normal

Or toss your Stasher in the sun for a natural stain remover.  Those powerful sun rays will zap any stain!

Stasher silicone is nonporous, inhibiting bacterial growth and odors. Certain smelly foods may leave a slight odor in the bag, but that can be remedied with a thorough washing or baking soda soaking. A fresh slice of lemon left in overnight can help too.

Totally.  Just don’t flip the bag inside out, it can compromise the bag’s sealed edges.

We suggest filling the bag a quarter of the way with warm water and soap and giving it a nice shake. A little brush helps too.


Sometimes Stasher bags need a little more drying time once they are washed by hand or in the dishwasher. We recommend using any non-sharp kitchen items to stand your bags on, including other bottles, cups, or paper towel holders. Our team also likes to use handy “pot lid organizers” to do the job! Just make sure to not turn your bag inside out when drying. 

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