Stasher Sandwich Bag


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Impress your friends with a more organized fridge

Finally, your cluttered fridge can simply be reorganized. Color code what’s inside your fridge with out very own color-coded Stasher Bags! These sturdy bags make buying bags again & again a thing of the past.

Made of premium materials, the perfect Ziplock replacement

Made of pure 100% platinum silicone, our bags are plastic free & reusable. We ensure these bags are made of all-natural ingredients.

Stasher Pocket Sized Clear
Stasher bag bath shelf

Not just in the kitchen!

Versatile for your busy lifestyle. Also usable for:

Customers Reviews

I use stasher bags for literally EVERYTHING. Freezing portioned out meat for meal prep, fruits, cheeses, butters, bread, you name it. I love how it keeps them fresh longer and I get less food waste.
Mycah Conde Stasher Bag Testimonial
Mycah Conde

Loved by celebrities & influencers alike!

Find out how our customers, no matter how famous, are using & loving the Stasher Bags they use everyday!

Love your stasher bags!! We’ve been using them mostly for our snacks and it’s great that they’re not bulky like plastic containers. They also keep food fresher longer and don’t leak and smell. Plus, cleaning is so easy as they’re dishwasher safe. Planning to get more so we can lessen our use of disposable plastics!
Valerie Chan
Valerie Chan

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7 × 1 in
Liquid Capacity

450 mL

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