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Say hello to your new kitchen assistant

Change the way you work in your kitchen with the all-new Stasher Bag. Save time & money from buying single-use plastic bags, and make your workflow more productive & ergonomic with these quality bags.

microwave ready

durable + reusable

Freezer Friendly

dishwasher safe

oven strong

sous vide ready

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Why do Solenn Heussaff, Erwan Heussaff, & Maggie Wilson trust Stasher Bags in their kitchen?

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Better kitchen organization = better workflows = faster serving times

Have you ever lost your way around a cluttered kitchen with messy & disorganized plastic bags & categorization?

That will be a thing of the past when you can finally easily use Stasher Bags to categorize & color-code your ingredients. resulting in a cleaner & faster workflow in the kitchen.

Made of premium materials, the perfect Ziplock replacement

Stop wasting money & time buying disposable plastic bags again & again. With the quality of every Stasher Bag you buy, you stop yourself from using 300 disposable plastic bags.

Made of pure 100% platinum silicone, our bags are plastic free & reusable. We ensure these bags are made of all-natural ingredients.

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Unlike regular plastic bags, Stasher can withstand both the heat & cold!

Versatile for your busy kitchen workflows. No need to buy another specific bag for microwaving & sous vide dishes.

Even the Stasher Bag is perfect for the freezer!

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WWF Philippines

Appeal to the younger crowd by joining our mission to save the environment

What better way to reach out to environmental conscious, young crowd by letting them know you are using us to streamline your kitchen workflows AND save the environment?

We are partnering with WWF Philippines with their goals to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment.

You can make your customers join in the movement  by accouncing to them of our partnership with the use of our products!

Buying a Stasher Bag is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Inquire via the Contact Form below

2. Order

3. Use your Stasher bag

4. Bye bye disposable bags!

Customers Reviews

I use stasher bags for literally EVERYTHING. Freezing portioned out meat for meal prep, fruits, cheeses, butters, bread, you name it. I love how it keeps them fresh longer and I get less food waste.
Mycah Conde Stasher Bag Testimonial
Mycah Conde

Loved by celebrities & influencers alike!

Find out how our customers, no matter how famous, are using & loving the Stasher Bags they use everyday!

Love your stasher bags!! We’ve been using them mostly for our snacks and it’s great that they’re not bulky like plastic containers. They also keep food fresher longer and don’t leak and smell. Plus, cleaning is so easy as they’re dishwasher safe. Planning to get more so we can lessen our use of disposable plastics!
Valerie Chan
Valerie Chan

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